Author: Koty Angeloff


The importance of playing older formats

Hi Guys! This week I am here to talk about why it's important that you play both current format and older formats! If you guys didn't check out my last article then you guys can do so by clicking herePeople think that there is no real reason to play older formats except for fun, but I think that if you play older formats it will actually improve your overall play. So today we're going to go over how to gain experience from playing these older formats and which formats will help you the most.Goat Format (2005): Goat Format is…

by Koty Angeloff
February 3, 2021

Are there Professionals in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh!?

Hello Everyone! My name is Koty Angeloff and I am the 2019 Yu-Gi-Oh! National Champion! I will be writing on Luxury Gaming's website weekly so be sure to check out all of my articles! This week’s topic involves professional players in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh. Before I share my thoughts on this subject, I would like to note many people have different perspectives of what a professional actually is; this includes having a certain amount of tops, the quality of those tops, or something even as far as playing Yu-Gi-Oh as your job. “Professional” is defined as: Engaged in a…

by Koty Angeloff
January 26, 2021

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