The Luxury Eseries is an Iron Man tournament played on Duelingbook. Each team, that plans to participate in the Luxury Eseries competitions, needs to fulfill the following criteria:

-Each team's player roster needs to consist of a minimum 5 members. A team's player roster and a maximum of 7 members to compete in the series. This maximum must include members within the team's organization, including administrative staff.

-Each team needs to establish at least one existing online presence or social media account, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and / or websites. -Each team needs to provide a team name, and a team logo to Luxury Gaming.

You must fulfill the below criteria for your team to be eligible for play:

1. Create Team on Website

2. Team has a logo
3. Team has linked at least one social media account above to the Team

4. Team has selected a roster and user accounts are present in the team.

5. Team has a Delegated Captain

Each team needs to ensure the participation of 5 players for any given date of their matches. The four players need to be assigned to player A, B, C, and D positions. The teams may exchange within their eligible player roster as well as decks and positions throughout the season. The team's captain is obliged to send the player roster, positions and deck lists to a member of the LuxuryGaming administration team at latest 24 hours before each respective match. If a team fails to communicate their roster, position or deck lists before this deadline, the team will automatically lose their match. After both teams handed in their respective match preparation data, the Luxury Eseries will announce the player rosters and positions 24 hours prior to the match.

The teams will compete in the following Iron man order against each other:

For Example:

Player A vs. Player A

Player A vs. Player B

Player A vs. Player C

Player B vs. Player C


The matches will be played via Each respective match will be played without a time limit. Each player needs to follow the instruction of the judges in attendance. If for any reason a player disconnects due to a glitch or system error the game state will be repaired. A disconnect during side-boarding procedures does not cause any player to lose a duel.

Each player needs to be connected to Discord during the respective matches. The Luxury Eseries will set up meeting rooms for every match and assign players accordingly.

Luxury Gaming will stream the matches via

Each team is required to pay $100 upon entry. 100% payout will go back to the 1st and 2nd place teams.

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