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author image by Cheechh | 0 Comments | 02/03/2021

The GOATs of today weren’t GOATs of yesterday alone.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships” Michael Jordan

Teamwork is considered one of the best forms of growth. Not just for yourself, but for the people around you. This may apply to your career, your studies or your overall goal to achieve something great in what you love. Now why is this important? Why are we talking about teamwork?

Teamwork is an enabler for success. By communicating well with one another you’re able to solve problems you may not be able to alone. In Yu-Gi-Oh new cards are released each month changing the game of what we once knew. This creates urgency for players to solve the next best deck whilst finding powerful tech cards to increase their overall win rate to compete with at their next championships. It’s a race against the clock, you’re looking at every applicable edge to increase your expected value (EV). However, what if I told you working in a team would not only help you solve each equation faster but also improve each members’ overall strengths, weaknesses and EV in the game itself?

The perfect formula for a team is communication, clear direction, common goals, mutual accountability, fair contribution as well as supportive behaviour between one another. This together is more valuable than solo accountability. Working alone, you may have skills others don’t however working together will strengthen yourself and most importantly those around you. Without this formula you’ll fall apart, the goal will feel more distant, you’ll all lose focus and limit your overall clock to progress.

Having strong mental energy is important especially with an event coming up. Being in the right headspace is a huge factor towards success. Traveling in a team will allow you all to think even further beyond the curve that your competition may not be thinking of. This alone is priceless. The hotels’ and taxis’ you’re looking at suddenly become cheaper. Knowing you and your friends are there together drives excitement towards the event. That’s a nice feeling, which contributes towards your mindset and overall, your energy.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Ironically we may only discover our weaknesses if we’re open enough to share our strengths. Helping one another grow means you’ll be able to prepare against the elite. You’ll be making sharper decisions, seeing answers that you didn’t once see and just like that your EV is growing, your win rate increasing.

Teamwork is a double edge sword. If you all don’t contribute accordingly then you may feel someone isn’t investing as much time as you or others are. This can cause issues amongst the team, leading to arguments which will distract you all from the overall goal and ultimately that championship win. This is why understanding what makes a good team is important. You need good foundations to grow from the bottom to the top. Pushing ego aside whilst you all strive.

A friend once said “Jake you do not need a team, they need you” My ego at the time listened, causing me to take a solo path down the road of success. I succeeded in the events I competed in but did I win? Did I take home the title, the big trophy and the winner’s photo? No, I did not. Whilst I can’t regret my overall decisions, I have to grow from them. But knowing then myself and others would have grown to be much more today from teamwork.

In 2018 me and my friends, Luke and Ahmed, were constantly testing for events during the regional/national season leading up to the European Championships, portraying teamwork traits throughout. We pointed out our mistakes and delved deep into our thought process, which allowed us to choose the correct deck, tech choices and for us to understand our overall gameplan. This ultimately gave us the best chance of winning each and every round, which led all of us finishing in the Top 64 knockouts. Throughout the knockout stage we continued to thrive. Which led to Ahmed finishing in the Top 32, myself finishing in 5th and conclusively Luke going all the way to the finals, taking home the trophy and the Championship win!
Could we have achieved these results working solo? The Top 32, the Quarter Final or even our goal for the Championship win? No, but together we could.

You can only get so far alone.


Jake Quinsee

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