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Luxury Rules & Regulations

  • Players will have no more than 15 seconds to respond to any action taken by their opponent. This includes actions that would normally not prompt a response, such as entering a phase or setting a card; 
  • Always inform your opponent before playing if you are lagging. That way, both players can agree upon a system to communicate permission to proceed. Example: You are lagging at the start of the match, you and your opponent both agree that neither player will continue playing their turns unless the other player says “okay”; 
  • If a player has disconnected, you must ensure your opponent has fully reconnected before resuming play. Their 15 seconds of response time is separate from their 90 seconds to rejoin a match;
  • If a player is contemplating a response to another, using unsure or inconclusive language in chat (“um, hm, think, sec, wait, thinking”), etc. The opponent must wait for the other player to permit you to proceed (“ok, good, no response”). Your opponent will never know what you are thinking unless you communicate!
  • If you are in a VC it’s highly recommended to also use the chat-box for interactions to avoid misunderstandings. Judges will make their decisions based on the duel logs and individual investigation of the elements taken into consideration as well as of the people involved, so be sure to behave respectfully;
  • If a player sends materials for a summon to the GY, unless they correct so immediately, they will be forced to commit to that appropriate summon (If it is the only possible summon). Example: A player sends 2 Link Monsters to the GY, checks the extra deck, and then decides to return the materials to the field. In that case, if the player has normal summoned that turn, Link summoning would be the only summon they could have done in that scenario, and as such it will be ruled that they shall commit to a link summon using only those materials. If it wasn’t the only possible summon, then a PE Minor will be issued and players will resume their duel.

  • Note: During LCSes these additional rules will apply:

    [YOU WILL HAVE 15 MINUTES TO JOIN DISCORD AND FIND ROUNDS (during 3v3 events joining a discord table will not be needed).
    If a player is 5 minutes late to a round, they will receive a game loss.
    If a player is 10 minutes late to a round, they will receive a match loss. Rounds will be 50 minutes long. As soon as time is called players have 3 turns (0,1,2,3).
    Each voice channel will have a table number, you and your opponent will join that channel when pairings are posted to communicate. If you need a judge to assist you type “judge” in the Judge Call Text Channel and we will assist you. We will give time extensions if needed. Make ALL Duels open;
    NO locked rooms/passwords].

    Malicious intent:
  • You cannot lie to your opponent. Example: You cannot say “I have no hand traps, I will have no responses this turn” then use cards during your opponent’s turn that interact with their plays (such as Phantazmay);
  • If you perform one misclick or incorrect game action you have 3 seconds to inform your opponent about it and return to the correct gamestate. If you perform a misclick and your opponent responds to that action before you communicate it was a misclick, you will be unable to take that action back.

The reconnect feature: If a player disconnects during their duel, they have 90 seconds to rejoin their game. During this time, the opponent must remain in the duel; 

  1. If the disconnected player rejoins successfully, play continues;
  2. If the disconnected player rejoins successfully and their opponent has left the duel, the previously disconnected player will win that game;
  3. If the disconnected player remains disconnected, that player will receive a Game Loss.



If a person disconnects and is unable to come back within the 90-second timer, and it is proven that the reason was server-side (Either the server link has proven this, or people are encountering the same issue) Then it will be ruled as follows: 

If both players can agree on a recreation of the gamestate then it will be ruled as so, however, if either player does not agree, a judge will rule it as a restart of the game. 

  • If a player disconnects after RPS on 1st/2nd pick choice, the player who won the RPS previously stays as well as the going 1st/2nd decision if any;
  • If either player disconnects running out of 90 seconds during siding, the match will restart from between games, after game 1 or 2, at the point of disconnection. Both players will send a screenshot of their side deck screens to the judge assisting your match before continuing play;
  • Instances of multiple disconnections will be evaluated by a Judge to determine any match penalties;
  • Disconnections related to the DB server can be proven using this link: (;
  • If needed, judges can also use their tools to check if a disconnection was server-related or not, judges can also confirm whether or not you changed your deck at any point between disconnections.
    • 2 warnings for the same infraction will result in a game loss;
    • 3 warnings for the same infraction will result in a match loss;
    • Warnings are specific to match (i.e. at the end of it all warnings will go away).
  • Note: During LCS we will follow Konami procedures about warnings.


Tournament Specifics

  • You will have 48h to play your match. If the players will be unable to schedule their match and play it out in the 48h given, the tournament organizer will set up a time for it and will be ruled as follows:
  • If you are 15 minutes late to the setted time will receive a game loss;
  • If you are 30 minutes late to the setted time will receive a match loss;
  • If you feel like your opponent is taking too long, feel free to call a judge and they will use their discretion to determine if a penalty is necessary;
  • You are allowed to appeal the decisions of the side judges, and a head judge’s word is final – however, if a head judge is not available, you must abide by the ruling of the regular judge(s) / Tournament Organizer once 5 minutes have elapsed;

Note that all the aforementioned regulations will be tracked and monitored by the staff and judges. Your track record will influence future judge decisions and potential suspensions, temporary or permanent.

Keep in mind that judges have the permission to rule at their discretion during exceptional cases where one-sided unfavorability or favorability is evident.

Round Times

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How to Play in a Tournament

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