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author image by Cheechh | 0 Comments | 04/10/2021

Round 1 Concludes, Round 2 Begins…..

Round 1 Concludes with a feature match between Hisam Jawhari piloting Virtual World against Justin Singh’s Dragon Link deck:

We move forward into Round 2 after an exciting feature, with Guilhem Chicot playing Giovanni Zerbo at Table 1 and Marcos Barrera playing Cote Duffy at Table 2!

Round 3! You have 50 minutes, you may begin!

Round 3 opens up and at

Table 1
We have Guglielmo Boi playing Paulo Goncalves

Table 2
Stanley Scandrett plays Alessandro Tucceri and at

Table 3
Josh Broomfield is against Julien Schaeffer

Our feature match for this round starts with some big “ooos” as we witness the infamous Shaddoll Dogmatika deck take on Eldich Zoodiac!

Guglielmo takes the first game with an unstoppable board that unfortunately, Paulo just did not draw the answers to!

We go into game two with both opponents thinking (more then likely) that they have a good match on their hands!

Tune in at: as our next update will towards the end of Round 5!


As we enter Round 5…………

We now have a better understanding of what Top Cut might look like for Day 2!

Coming into Round 5, we have the following undefeated duelists at the top tables along with our feature match:

Table 1
Riordan Miya facing off against Tevž Kadiš

Table 2
Gabriele Sgotti playing against Pietro Fiorito

Table 3
Calum Cook duels against Sebastian Zimmermann

Table 4
Julien Schaeffer gets his game on against Paulo Goncalves

Table 5
Ben Kreutzkamp goes head to head against Νικόλας Λαδάς

Table 6
Axel Benoit virtually sits across from Yves Widmer

Table 7
Florian Fajardo locks eyes with Alessandro Tucceri

Table 8
Ivan Emanuel Dobrovšak’s mouse cursor hovering over Arjun Radhakrishnan

Luxury Gaming Lion

The players currently undefeated in swiss (X-0) and ending our 5th Round without a loss are:

Florian Fajardo who will be playing at Table 1 tomorrow against Pietro Fiorito

Arjun Radhakrishnan who is paired against Νικόλας Λαδάς at Table 2

Axel Benoit defending their undefeated record against Riordan Miya at Table 3

Sebastian Zimmermann dueling Julien Schaeffer at Table 4 in the 6th round of our 252 player event!

Round 7!

As we approach the 7th round, Arjun Radhakrishnan maintained his undefeated record and is now playing Florian Fajardo at Table 1 (Who also has emerged undefeated thus far in swiss!)

At Table 2, Sebastian Zimmerman will be facing off against Pietro Fiorito, both X-0, both working hard to get on that top list of players contesting for the grand prize.

At Round 7 we currently have 11 players who hold an X-1 Record and 4 players with an X-1-1 record playing at the following tables:

Table 3 Manos Kavousakis v.  Riordan Miya
Table 4 Ludovico Rizzo v.  Oliver Newton
Table 5 Cote Duffy v. Νικόλας Λαδάς,
Table 6 Sebastian Todd v.  Rjay Dorcin
Table 7 Nico Thielen v. Everton Goncalves Tsai
Table 8 Axel Benoit v. RaphaëlHenry
Table 9 Lundrity Velen v. Yves Widmer
Table 10 Christos Mourikis v. Nicholas Alombro
Table 11 Jamie Hunter v. Maurice Ammann
Table 12 ,Julien Schaeffer v.  Francesco Girgenti
Table 13 Ivan Emanuel Dobrovšak v.  Ranko Ječmenica
Table 14 Alex Pavlenko v. Pascal Kihm
Table 15 Vincenzo Orofino v. Carlos Aponte
Table 16 António Pedro Pereira v.  Matteo Eisoldt

Tune in above in the right panel or click here to catch top cut!



The finals will be Christos Mourikis stunning us all with Altergeist!

Playing live against

Sebastian Todd piloting the notorious Dragon-Link archetype!

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