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Hi Guys!

This week I am here to talk about why it’s important that you play both current format and older formats! If you guys didn’t check out my last article then you guys can do so by clicking here
People think that there is no real reason to play older formats except for fun, but I think that if you play older formats it will actually improve your overall play. So today we’re going to go over how to gain experience from playing these older formats and which formats will help you the most.

Goat Format is played usually under the April 2005 banlist and is the second-most popular format in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! It has a lot of technical and grindier gameplay with every game. Playing this format will make you better at playing control mirror matches, understanding the value of a single card, and properly trading card advantage in your favor. The decks within the format are constantly evolving, despite the limited card pool, which will also improve your deck building. If you decide you’re ready to take your gameplay to the next level, enter some of Luxury’s Goat Format tournaments here on the website or on the Facebook page!

Tengu Plant Format (2011):

Compared to Goat format, Tengu Plant Format is faster-paced, but also still a control deck to an extent. In 2011, the game was not overly explosive like it is currently. Newer players may ask themselves, “Why would anyone ever play Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness?” By today’s standard, some cards may seem lackluster, but Special Summoning a 2700ATK monster as well as another sizable monster or LP threat has players to this day attack with weaker monsters first. Engaging in older formats helps new player widen their card knowledge and allows older players to relive familiar experiences in a more fierce competitive spirit.


2014 Nationals Format (2014):

Lastly, the 2014 Nationals format included so many decks that I will not be able to link them all–but that is the beauty of this format. There were so many different viable options, which is why players enjoy this format so much; trying to improve their favorite decks and decks more popularly played at the time. This format will teach you how to play against combo decks as a control deck, especially the proper use your trap cards. As a combo player it will teach you how to play through multiple live backrow, and how to play more passively when you need to against these match-ups. In the current game all you have to do is draw Lightning Storm or Harpie’s Feather Duster and just win from there, but in a format where none of these cards existed you will learn to improve your technical play and take it to the next level!

Let me know your opinions in the comments below or on my stream at Twitch.Tv/KotyAngeloff or on Mondays at Twitch.Tv/LuxuryGamingTV!

One more thing that I would like to say about old formats as well is that playing old formats will also give you new ideas for techs in current format that other people who don’t play old formats would have never thought of. Giving yourself an edge in multiple ways over people will also be in your best interest and will put you in the right direction of being the best player you can be! Thank you for reading this article hopefully this encourages everyone to give older formats a chance and hopefully you all learn something new!

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